About Michael

There’s a photo of me as a toddler, sitting at a piano in my grandmother’s basement.

My grandmother, who always had a song on her lips, was one of my primary caregivers in my formative years. Living with her I gained a love of music along with a grandfather and great-grandparents that played piano. Whistling and singing was a daily part of life. When I was seven, I joined the childrens’ choir at the church and we practiced every week. Other than this choir, I didn’t have much formal musical training, just a familial immersion.

By 14, I had taught myself how to read music, play Fur Elise on my Casio keyboard, and started playing Depeche Mode songs by ear. I joined a band at 16, then left. Then another band at 17. I found myself in the high school orchestra playing double bass, singing in the school madrigals choir, playing the lead in The Fantastics and joining a professional madrigals choir. I would tell anyone that asked that I planned to move to Colorado and go to school to become a composer.

Then life happened.

No regrets, but having a family and pursuing a career in User Experience design took me on a different path. I got my first bachelor’s degree in business leadership, built a somewhat successful career in UX design and technology leadership. Music became a hobby that I dabbled in here and there, but, at my core, something was missing.

Now I’m enrolled at Berklee getting my bachelor’s degree in Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games. I’ve managed to stay on the Dean’s List every term I’ve completed. And, I’ve found my first love again. My whole life I’ve played games as a way of relaxing and de-stressing.

Now, making music for games is one of my greatest joys.

I was born in a golden age of film.

Now, making music for films is invigorating.

I grew up watching TV.

Now, making music for TV is thrilling.

I embraced the internet from the beginning.

Now, making music for web series, vlogs, podcasts, and other internet-based media is an honor.

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